The EMMECI knitting company was founded in 1962 in Verucchio, a small town in the hinterland of Rimini bordering the Republic of San Marino, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Cavana family. The first name of the company was MAGLIFICIO CONFEZIONI LAURA.

Through years of sectorial experience and continued technological innovation, what started as a small family business, has become, in the hands of Andrea Cavana, his wife Emanuela and sons Daniele, Diego and Giacomo with their joint passion for their vocation, a leader in producing high quality knitwear.  The pieces are made  internally, from the first sketch, to yarn selection and technical interpretation, producing a  finished garment.


MAGLIFICIO EMMECI has a wide range of  avantgarde knitting machines programmed  by highly specialized technicians permitting a complete cycle of production.

  • making up department with knitwear linking machines and sewing machines
  • laundry for washing treatments
  • ironing and pressing department
  • product control
  • packaging department

Artisan and sartorial art

The garments which are produced exclusively in Italy  are created with precious yarns such as cashmere, silk and extra fine merino yarn, combining  hand crafted and modern productive processes.

Research and development activities

Our company has incurred costs for the research project on product quality. The contribution of € 45579.80 for the tax credit on the research and development activities envisaged by the Budget Law (Law No. 232/2016) should be noted. The aforementioned costs were subject to certification by an independent auditor.


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